I am thrilled to announce that we have secured significant funding from the government to support our innovative initiatives and propel our mission forward. The funds will be strategically allocated to drive technological advancements, streamline operational processes, and foster sustainable growth.The funds were strategically allocated to the purchase and implementation of the soldering robot, ensuring a seamless integration into our production processes. 

This support from the government is a testament to the value and potential of our work, and we look forward to the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.  

Funding Information 

Designation: Programa de Apoio à Produção Nacional - Base Local - GAL Sintra Urban

Universal Code: LISBOA-06-51D8-FEDER-000016

Operation Summary: We need robotized welding production capacity in order to guarantee quality stability and speed of production, as well as protecting workers from excessive repetitive labour which can lead to chronic injuries and exposure to risk factors.

Start Date: 01-04-2021                                                       End Date: 28-12-2021

Total Cost of Operation: 146 271,60€

Total Eligible Funding: 100 000,00€

Total Funded (50%) : 50 000,00